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About Bloom Dawn Fit

Kimmery’s focus is the overall health, nutrition, and fitness of the body, mind, and soul. She believes that if you treat your body right, it will treat you right in the long run.

Her passion is anything health and fitness, and she even took it up a notch and studied to become a personal trainer by attending NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) where she received a diploma. Kimmery’s study included anything from anatomy to basic nutrition and diet therapy. She was ready to take on the world 🙂 but then life happened, and things didn’t work out like she wanted, so she decided to write about it.

There will be challenges everyone faces, and Kimmery believes that challenges can make us stronger. They may make us work harder to achieve the goals we set forth for ourselves.

NOTE: Others may feel differently about some topics and discussions, and Kimmery accepts everyone’s belief in what they know and believe to be true.